I've been front-endish since 1996 - at the moment I'm in a ebb and flow long term contract with a major university prototyping web applications. I enjoy the flexibility that comes with working alongside a small team - while I tend to work on focused utilitarian applications my responsibilities include product design, user and comparative research, application flow, visual/ui design, and front end architecture. I put that all together and deliver a prototype with production grade HTML, (S)CSS, and JS. This ends up being more rewarding than subcontracting out for a single role, and it saves time and money for the client by reducing communication lag and miscommunication between stages of the process.

I've done some professional photography (two showings for my landscape photography) as well as portraiture / product shots in tandem with a web project. I've also had articles published in a few places and often assist with copy-writing for sites and applications.