Design & Development

I've been front-endish since 1996 – the glory days of Geocities, <font> elements, and insane color schemes. My strengths are hand coding HTML5 + SASS + JS, UX centric design, and questioning assumptions. It's pretty common for me to wear other hats on a gig though: research and analysis, ux/persona development, information/site architecture, content strategy, graphic design, configuration, and non-critical sysadmin. I really enjoy working with a good team, but can self-manage and run solo as well.

I focus on web application UI design, usually shifting quickly into front-end prototyping once a general direction is set via graphical comps. The problems tend to be more intellectually stimulating, the technology cleaner, and the contracts less rushed than building yet another CMS site (and I've used them all). That said if you're doing something cool and need a presence I might be interested.

As time allows I'll publish case studies here to share some of what I've learnt over the years. Or even put up a proper portfolio site. ;)


My passion is nature & landscape photography.

I've had landscape photos published in a few newspapers, magazines, and books, plus prints hung at event spaces around Santa Cruz.

I also take natural light portrait photography, often in tandem with an existing web project.

Portraits taken for: Alex Cowan, Andrew Mueller, Demeter Pharmaceuticals, Satellite Inc, UCSF Podust Lab, and some other fine folk.

Written word

Writing isn't a professional focus (it pays just a teensy bit less than tech) but I've done some paid gigs. I mostly pinch-hit copywriting for sites & applications I'm developing, suggest navigation wording choices, fill in tertiary information, etc.

Words are fun.