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Back to the hustle, so here's why you should hire me.

a bit about me

I'm Carl Uebelhart and I've been front-endish since 1996 – the glory days of Geocities. I'm one of those annoying folks that really cares about the semantic usage of HTML elements, but at least I build thoughtful reusable CSS (nothing quite like making some branding changes to a shared custom library which multiple applications pull in as a git submodule and it just workstm). It's pretty common for me to swap hats on a gig including: research and analysis, ux/persona development, information/site architecture, content strategy, writing copy, site configuration, devops, and non-critical sysadmin.

Being a jack of all trades works great with small teams. There often isn't a need to have a dedicated person for each role, and being able to hand off tasks to myself ends up saving clients time, money, and decreases the chance of miscommunication. Once I'm far enough into a visual design I can switch to developing in browser vs creating yet more artifacts to toss away at the end.

Soft skills are often undervalued in the field - I can explain to a non-technical product owner why their approved visual design needs to be changed for UX reasons and play well with others. I assume, dear reader, that you are probably here because someone told you about me, so hopefully you trust their judgement. ;)

web application prototyping

I usually shift quickly into designing with code once any novel problems are solved and the general visual direction is set via graphical comps. Years of developing for the web, keeping up with technology, and a genuine passion for content and how people interact with it help me shape functional requirements into something that people want to use. I can deliver Sketch (or similar visual design) comps or production level HTML & CSS handed off to developers.

I've recently had a 3+ year contract with a central IT team at UCLA. Some artifacts of that work are the UI for their Shibboleth Single Sign-On System and the initial release of their online self-service management tool. A lot of what I've been doing recently has been internally facing, but these projects were designed publicly, which helped me to quickly gather feedback as they were shared with stakeholders.

content management system work

I've been focusing on Drupal recently - it's a little clunkier to theme than some of the other ones out there, but you can chain together modules to do some pretty powerful things relatively simply. Contracts tend to be a bit more interesting than simpler CMS systems. I was lead front-end developer for a redesign of UCSF.edu built on Drupal 7. I've done content strategy, migration, site-building, troubleshooting, and theming for smaller projects.

A surprising number of websites however don't need the overhead a modern database driven CMS brings. I've built out a Jekyll internal documentation system for Looker and most of my own personal tinkering is in the static site space.

user experience research

This usually gets tagged on the beginning of a design or development project - I'll observe people using any currently existing solution, talk to them about their experience, and have the findings inform my design going forward. I've also been part of a small team doing in-depth client interviews for a multimillion dollar corporation in Honolulu. I'm used to turning functional requirements into a functional product - it was really rewarding to be a step above that delving into what the functional requirements should actually be.


I pretty much just shoot with my iPhone XS (Halide + LR CC) these days, but my Sony MIRC with a Zeiss 18mm and some nice vintage glass is still sitting around.


My email address is my first name, @ this domain. It's probably been scraped and in a ton of databases, but hey, gotta give the bots a run for their money. Not that active on social media these days, but I have a few repos on github, have old camera photos on flickr, more casual iPhone shots on instagram, and pretty much just harass / interact with brands on twitter.

References available for serious offers, at some point I'll have a proper portfolio site. Having a 3+ year prototyping contract with a single client and then working with people who knew me personally has lead to some neglect in this space.